We are a proud advocate of FINANCIAL INCLUSION and committed to the realization of few Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations in our local community and beyond.

    We exist…

    1. To promote financial inclusion. This can be found in our slogan, “Including all, excluding none”
    2. To promote and contribute to the realization of few SDGs.
    • No poverty (SDG 1). Yes, through our bespoke financial and non-financial products/services we are set to reduce poverty level to the barest minimum and totally eradicated on the long run.
    • Zero Hunger (SDG 2). We support our members/clients with micro loan at a lower rate to support and grow their businesses. Through this, more goods to sell, increased in patronage level and profitability. Clients and members need not to worry on feeding as proceeds can help to feed the family and ploughed back into the business.
    • Good health and Well being (SDG 3). We offer our members and clients varieties of Micro Health Insurance products at affordable rate. Hence, no more death through malaria or other communicable diseases amongst others.



    IHINE Foundation
    IHINE Microfinance Institution
    IHINE Sense (Alimosho) Cooperative Multipurpose Society
    IHINE Consulting Limited
    IHINE Investment Limited



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